Excerpts from the novels


Excerpt from "Spin Cycle"

He looks at her and notices her usher uniform. White shoes and gloves. Then he looks at his own uniform. Stack shoes, big glasses and lots of gold. Gold rings, gold chains, and even a gold crucifix. In his world this is part of who he is and how he gets respect. He wonders if it is the same in hers. The quiet is shattered by clicking heels and a thump from some other shoes. There are words being said. Not hostile, but not friendly either. Mary’s muscles tense. She knows from the clicking sound it is her twin sister. The other pattern is a man. That is right up Vivian’s alley. They turn the corner together. Mary thought she would never see this picture again. Dallas and Vivian in the same place and to add fuel to the fire Marvin is standing and waiting. Mary thinks, “Oh Lord, this won’t be pretty.” Mary cleverly positioned herself between Marvin and Dallas. Mary speaks before anyone can say a word, “I think we should go into the doctor’s office. It has been an hour”.


Except from The True Manchurian: Infinity

The Director destroys the two code keys by throwing them into the fireplace. He removes the hard drive and proceeds to smash it with the hammer. He smashes the computer into many pieces. He tells the agent that whatever is left, make sure she removes all of its debris from the premises. Leave nothing behind. As a father talking to his child he says, “Do you understand that there will be questions? Don’t worry. They will not be asking anything of you. Keep yourself clear of any talk about what I have mentioned. You have what you need. It is all in the code of who will be your contact and they already are expecting you.”“Sir, what in the hell is going on?” With a cold, dark sound he tells her, “You wanted it. Now you have become a piece in this puzzle.”The Director pulls his Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol from his jacket, squeezes the trigger.....

Prodigal Son

Excerpt from The True Manchurian: Prodigal Son

Jonah is waiting for a messenger to arrive from a small village about sixteen kilometers from his camp. His position cannot be found on any map. Only the most skilled survivors would even dare stay in this region for very long. Jonah opens the door to his disguised living quarters and starts toward his meeting point. He meets the messenger at the same time every four weeks. He questions the messenger and is given a small package that contains some much needed reading material. It took four weeks for it to travel this far. He will have to fill in the holes. So far he has guessed pretty close. The news from back in the United States has been translated and re-translated. Most of it propaganda. In this region of the world Mendacity is the way to the truth. Living in the heart of Communist China has its advantages. According to the news as reported by the Chinese Government America is on the brink of a collapse. Their leaders are weak and it will only be a matter of time before democracy will be no more and China will be the world's true super power. The United States Congress is in a bitter fight over rewriting the U.S. Constitution. He thinks, “I wonder why they did not use the word amend?” He continues to read. Many of the late Presidents policies on Energy have passed and are now the law of the land. Gas prices are nearly eight dollars a gallon. Unemployment is over 12%. Most jobs are government run and subsidized. 

Chinese officials are meeting with other world leaders to announce that it will soon call in all of the United States debts unless they agree to leave the Middle East. Jonah ignores all of the lies that are neatly inter woven in the printed articles. He is sure there are some problems back in the U.S. He is just not sure how bad they are. He reads another article concerning Israel.

The Chinese are predicting the end of the Nation of Israel. It is just a matter of time before democracy will no longer exist in any part of Europe. China's leadership is confident that they will soon be able to spread their views to all parts of the world. Jonah says, “Those mendacious bastards.” Then he remembers a line in the George Orwell's novel “1984.”