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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️you'll feel encouraged to be your best self. Thank you By Amazon Customer on May 12, 2018 Book: No Snow Days:Commitment, Honor, Purpose

We all look at people from the outside and we admire what we see and hear with no thought as to why this person is who they are.
This is a very honest writing of Al Ashworth's life. It's a testimony of him overcoming obstacles to being a role model in his community. This book will bring you to tears and then make you giggle. Upon finishing the book, you'll feel encouraged to be your best self.
Thank you, Al, for your candid words and for the determination to plow through the snow to a sunnier day.

Comment about Now Snow Days from Mary Ellen Dozier Carney:

"It truly is one of the best books I've read in a while......definitely held my attention."

Comments from Eleanor Gibbs: 

Just wanted you to know  that I began reading Spin Cycle at a perfect time.  I am like Mary, I trust Jesus for evrrything.  I never ask for donations or funding for our ministry.  God told me several years ago to trust Him.  He would provide.  I send $2,000 a month to our children's homes in India.  God always provides.  He has never let me down & there are some great testimonies about His provision.

My daughter has stage 4 ovarian cancer & had to be taken to the hospital this week from internal bleeding.  As I read the book, it is just another confirmation of how God provides.

God has given Lessie & I an unfathomable peace.  We have never felt the need to cry as we knew from the beginning that God has her in His Hands.  

Again, love your books.  You are one awesome & brilliant person.

I am honored to know you.

If you are ever looking for another book, I work with a great Hispanic family that are the true American Dream story.  I have been wanting to do a story on them for years.  From where they began to where they are today is unreal.  Didn't mean to throw this at you, but it came to me as I was ending my text.

Pre-Release reviews of Broken Cycle

Awesome story! I am honored to  be  one of the  first to read Broken  Cycle. I loved this story just as much as Spin Cycle. Alphonso has written these stories to draw you in and capture your undivided attention. I felt as though I was standing on the sideline not knowing how the story  would play out as the characters are very life like. I too, have a Vivian and a Mary in my life. I highly recommend both Broken Cycle and Spin Cycle books as stories of faith, prayer, and hard work.

Kesia Ashworth Lawrence

Royalty Book Club, Lebanon,Tennessee

I  found Broken Cycle an easy read. The characters were realistically fleshed out, creating a spiritual connection for the reader. This intimate style captures the reader’s heart, as it did mine. This is truly a  complementary  prequel to Spin Cycle.  I eagerly await author Ashworth’s next book.

Vikki King-Heydel

Thirty years as an actor, acting coach, and teacher and founder and director VikKing Players Talent Troupe

Lebanon, Tennessee

The reader is so engrossed in the characters and their stories that he or she wonders  what  more  could possibly  happen. A real page-turner  the reader cannot put down. Author  Ashworth cleverly weaves real-life secrets into his books.

Dawn Formosa

Retired Healthcare Professional

Nashville, Tennessee

I want to encourage everyone to step out of your every day way of living and become alive in this book, Broken Cycle. What a rut destroyer lol. My heart was tendered, my mind became inquisitive, my Spirit enlightened, and my soul refreshed! What more could one want?!? It's all here in this wonderful book, Broken Cycle. I do not have enough thumbs to give this read what it deserves. Thank you Al Ashworth for a wonderful book of insight.

Pam Cooper, Texas


"Great story, the words are filled with the spirit. I read the book in one sitting and my eyes were glued to the pages. It was spell binding … I held on every word, line, and page … such an inspiration. After reading this book, one should never question their faith again."Sharon Hurt President / CEO Jefferson Street United Merchants Partnership, CDC President, Exchange Club of Bellevue (prevention of child abuse & neglect)
"Hooked by the lives of his characters, I believe the author uses the perfect analogy of Spin Cycle. Author Ashworth shows how a family can go through the washing cycle of everyday living through adversity and abundant faith. You are reminded of similar characters in your own life … where you laugh, cry, say oooh nooo, and hooray. Climaxing to a very masterful outcome!" 

Dawn Formosa Retired Healthcare Professional
"I loved Spin Cycle, it carries the message of faith and hope where washing and re-washing blood stained clothes is a symbolic lesson. When my 16 year old son was murdered I wanted his clothes so I could wash them; I believed then and now that washing is healing. Spin Cycle offers healing from all types of pain and addictions and that no matter what you do in life, God loves you. Clementine BarfieldFounder, SOSAD (Save our Sons and Daughters) Author, HomeTraining 101
I found the book quite interesting and easy reading. Mary, the main character, has the patience of "Job" and her faith in God that is never shaken. She possesses angelic qualities in everything she says and does and is a blessing

Raeann Chelette 

I bought both of your books at a book signing you had at hastings in murfreesboro. I'm picky about what I read and I can usually tell in the first chapter if I'm even going to like it. I read both of them within 24 hours because I couldn't put them down. I'm so looking forward for the next trilogy to come out. Do you have a date as to when that will be?


"I purchased one of your books, Spin Cycle.  I have laughed and cried through the pages, because Mary was my mother and grandmother!"

Tammy Bryant

Healing Broken Vessels


What another reader from Texas had to say about my novel "Spin Cycle":

Pam Cooper

It is Fantastic. The book moves the heart to places that are rarely seen, yet designed to desire to go .... Read this and Get There ~"

What a reader of "Spin Cycle" had to say after reading;

Carter Baxter

I finally got around to reading "Spin Cycle" and loved it even if I did get the sniffles because of it. Excellent writing Al.

What one of my readers had to say about my book Spin Cycle

Joyce Jackson

"Spin Cycle is the sweetest book I have read in years. I grew up in Nashville and know every place that is mentioned.Thank you"

I'm speechless after just finishing your book. I know "Mary" very well. 

I never read books like this, what I thought would be pointless fiction. God had you write this with me as one in  mind.He knew through this book, it would open channels of His love to run through. I thank my Lord for you. I haven't had a snotty cry like this in a very very long time. It feels good. I'm speechless, God spoke direct words, from your writing, to my heart that somehow, I had misplaced, not forgotten..... 

 I highly recommend this book. I seldom read anything outside of scripture, however, this book was heart catching and enthralling! A+++++

Sandy Laird

Good morning , the day I received my book in the mail , I opened my Manchurian book to Chapter 1, couldn't put it down till I absolutely had to! I am looking forward to reading the rest of these exciting , suspence filled chapters when my grandsons return home. 

I loved Spin Cycle!!!! Could have been a trilogy as well if the author hadn't killed off the protagonist. Shame on you!!!! LOL. Keep writing-


I have cheated. I have read the whole book on spin cycle and couldn't put it down. I am ready to read the other book. I guess I'm going to have to get some more books from you. They are great. Once you read these you can't put them down. Lol!

Margaret Jones

"I have enjoyed your books. Can't wait to read some more. It is hard to put each book down to even go to bed at night and have even read one book all the way in one setting. Hurry up and bring some more on."

Margaret Jones